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Is Semiglutide Right For Me?

by Holly McDonald, RN

Hi Everyone!  It’s Holly, RN, with Essential Woman, LLC.

With the beach weather almost here, do you look in the mirror and wish you could have a leaner, more attractive bathing suit body?

There is a lot of “buzz” about Semiglutide and weight loss success.  So, what exactly is Semiglutide? 

Semiglutide is an injectable medication that belongs to a class of drugs known as glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) receptor agonist.  This medication was developed initially for the treatment of Type II Diabetes but has shown additional benefits and success with weight loss.

The exact mechanism to which Semiglutide promotes weight loss is not fully understood but proposed factors include reducing appetite by regulating the area of the brain that affects hunger, promoting an increase of feeling full.  In addition, it slows gastric emptying of the stomach which contributes to increased satiety and thereby reducing food intake.  There is also evidence to suggest that GLP-1 receptor agonists increase energy expenditure, helping the body to burn more calories Semiglutide is a prescribed medication administered as a weekly injection and is approved for weight loss.  It is important to note that the use of Semiglutide should be under the supervision of a

medical professional. 

Whether you have 5 pounds, 105 pounds or more weight to lose, at Essential Woman LLC, we are all about WOMEN and their very specific health needs.  We are excited to offer the latest and greatest medication and nutritional program for weight loss tailored to help you successfully acquire a leaner and healthier YOU! 

Don’t wait - Call us at Essential Woman LLC (352-425-1704) and make your appointment TODAY.  We would love to discuss and develop the weight loss success program tailored specifically for you.

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