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Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Country Woman feeling great with BIOTE

Is a Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Right For You?

​ Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and your energy levels have hit rock bottom? 

Then YES!

It's time to take charge of your well-being! Introducing our Biote Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Women – a revolutionary approach to reclaiming your vitality and enhancing your overall health.


  • Boost Your Energy Levels: Testosterone plays a crucial role in maintaining energy and stamina. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with daily demands, testosterone therapy can help restore your vitality, helping you feel more energetic and ready to tackle the day.


  • Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones: As we age, maintaining muscle mass becomes increasingly challenging. Testosterone therapy can aid in building and preserving muscle, promoting strength and agility. Additionally, it contributes to bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


  • Sharpen Your Mental Focus: Hormonal imbalances can impact cognitive function, leading to issues like brain fog and difficulty concentrating. Bio-identical hormone therapy can support mental clarity, sharpening your focus and cognitive abilities.


  • Improve Mood and Well-being: Hormones play a significant role in regulating mood. Bio-Identical Hormone therapy can help alleviate symptoms of mood swings, anxiety, and depression, promoting a sense of well-being and emotional balance.


  • Enhance Libido and Sexual Satisfaction: Hormones to include Testosterone are key players in female sexual health. Restoring optimal levels can enhance libido, improve sexual satisfaction, and address concerns related to intimacy.


Don't let hormonal imbalances dictate your quality of life. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Women.  Our experienced and caring healthcare professionals are here to guide you through the process, ensuring a personalized approach to meet your unique needs through BIOTE.

MEN!  We have replacement therapy for you too!

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms we have listed above, then Hormone Replacement therapy is for you! It is statistically proven that men over 50 tend to decrease in testosterone levels that play an important role in both men and women for functional health.    No more injections or pills,  try our advanced bio-identical hormone replacement therapy today!   Begin to feel younger, stronger and renewed every day! 

Essential Woman LLC is excited to provide BIOTE Hormone Replacement at our location for advanced solutions toward your optimal health!


How do we apply and determine the right amount of hormone therapy?    After our (DUTCH) Dried Urine Testing for Comprehensive Hormone evaluation and regular labs,  it will determine with 'accuracy' your body's hormonal deficiencies. 


Once reviewed with you we can determine the right hormone replacement therapy for your body and its metabolic function.  

Step 1 :   We analyze your hormone levels through our DUTCH Hormone Test and Blood Labs.

Step 2 :   We begin your Biote treatment on the basis of your results. Providing EXACTLY what your body needs!

Age healthier live better with BIOTE
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