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Weight Loss Program Developed By Women,For Women at Essential Woman LLC

Call us or go online to our website to schedule your consultation for the "New You Weight Loss Program"! We have made weight loss affordable for you!

DO YOU List:

Do you want to lose post pregnancy weight?

Do you want to maintain your weight the healthy, nutritional way during pregnancy?

Do you need to fit into that special event dress or outfit?

Do you have recent borderline diabetes diagnosis?

Do you have unexplained weight gain?

Do you want to maintain optimal weight for your health?

If YOU answered YES to any of the above questions, we are the answer for YOU! Essential Woman LLC has a proprietary plan designed specifically to meet every individual need based on analysis.

Start Today with our 3 month Weight Loss Program to include Medications for $1200! That's a deal! This is your jump start as we continue your plan after initial take off.

Essential Woman is always here to support our clients, you're family once you arrive.

Lets have "Fun" while working on a New You!

Go to to schedule your appointment today!

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