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The Epidemic of Self Dissatisfaction

by Cindy Lombard, APRN, WHNP-BC, RN

STOP!!! Today is the day we dive bomb into the epidemic of self dissatisfaction, self doubt and the feelings of inadequacy to conform to the societal standards that are in your face daily!

The beauty and fashion industries play a sinister role in perpetuating these unrealistic standards. They profit from promoting products and services that promise to "fix" our supposed flaws and will supposedly improve our appearances. And of course these quick "fixes" will bring us all the joy and happiness that we could wish for.

Well...this constant pursuit of unattainable perfection has a detrimental impact on our self-worth and overall happiness. Let's be honest, it's exhausting. It's disappointing. It's hollow. Women are wasting hard earned money on the promises of celebrities and influencers, that only leave us broke and no closer to feeling better about ourselves.

Is it any surprise that many women are struggling to maintain a positive self-image?

Social media platforms, in particular, have promoted this issue. With carefully crafted feeds constantly bombarding us with images of seemingly perfect lives and flawless bodies, skin and hair. Is it any wonder women fall prey to doubt and feelings of depression?

It's essential that we start addressing this epidemic at its core. We need to prioritize self-acceptance and promote a healthier reality about beauty and self-worth. Let's remember that true beauty lies in our unique qualities and strengths, rather than conforming to narrow, ridiculous standards

of beauty.

Outer beauty starts from within. Real and beautiful health starts from the inside. It comes from healthy eating, nutrients, detoxification, restful sleep, and a work/life balance.

At Essential Woman, we know and understand the heartache of these feelings and can help you defeat the epidemic of self dissatisfaction.

We can provide women with the plan, and the tools to defeat these issues of inadequacy and promote the inner health that provides that TRUE outer beauty.

Call Essential Woman today, join the women's revolution!

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